Seven Tips to Help Deal with Cancer-Related Fatigue

This is the perfect time of year to talk about fatigue, but of course, any time is perfect when talking specifically about cancer fatigue.

With the holidays fast approaching, you undoubtedly have a long to-do list, and if you are also dealing with cancer treatment or collateral damage from cancer treatment, you understand about cancer fatigue all too well. (Read more.)

Photo of hands making holiday cookies illustrates some of the tasks that may create the fatigue discussed in the article

11/29 Support group meeting

Only one woman attended our post-Thanksgiving meeting last week, but that made for some great one-on-one time for more in-depth exploration of her options in beginning her recovery from treatment and building a local medical support team.

Remember, even through the holidays, Women LISTEN will be there, every Friday, for the women who need support.

Healing Chair Yoga Holiday Schedule

There will be no class this Friday, November 29th.
Wednesday December 11, class will be from 2:00-3:00PM.
There will be no classes December 25th, 27th or January 1st.
Classes begin again on January 3rd at the regular time, 12:00-1:00PM on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Cancer Center on the Regional Hospital campus.
Class instructor Margo Sorum is also offering a Sunday Workshop series at Deha Yoga starting in January:

5 Layers of Self: Panchamaya Model (5 Sessions)
Sundays, Jan 12, 19, 26, and Feb 2 & 9. 9:30am-1:30pm. More details and enrollment on the Deha Yoga event page.

11/22 Support group meeting

Six women attended Friday’s support group. Once again, women in need of information found someone else who could share tips and encouragement.

One woman facing a surgery that has her very frightened got a good reality check on what some of the scary terms her doctor didn’t define for her actually meant, as well as developed a list of phone calls and questions to follow up with to help get her more support and clarify what some of the plans her doctors have made for her really entail. Another woman attending had had a roughly similar surgery and was able to describe for her what it was like when she woke up afterwards.

Another woman, just at the end of treatment for throat cancer, got some good tips from another throat cancer survivor on dealing with the after-effects of mouth and throat radiation. As often happens when we are done with treatment, she was feeling the loss of being the focus of her treatment team, all of whom are out of state. The group helped her think about putting together a treatment team here at home to help her with her ongoing needs.

Several of our participants were long-time members of the group who keep coming back, they said, because they continue to learn and be encouraged by our conversations. “It’s my happy place,” said one woman and there were a lot of nods around the table.

Even though next week’s meeting will be on the day after Thanksgiving, we’ll be there as usual, ready to LISTEN.

Suz Fund event at Deha Yoga

Against a background of evergreen branches, the following message: Friday, November 22 Fundraiser for the Suz Fund 6:00 - 8:00 PM

The Suz Fund helps cancer patients receive wellness services in Alaska. This fund strives to make wellness, therapeutic, and advocacy services more available by reducing barriers that make it difficult for cancer patients to receive support. Our goal is to facilitate access for all cancer patients, with an emphasis on younger patients as they navigate the challenges unique to managing early onset cancer.

Logo of the Suz Fund next to the details about the fundraiser given in text below image

Fundraiser at Deha Yoga

108 Repetitions of Healing Mantra and Meditatiom
All Levels Welcome

By Donation and Sponsorship

Sponsorship gifts available:
Shiva Statue -$81 Level
Rudraksha Mala – $108 Level
Gemstone mala – $216 Level
Complete Alter Set -$500 Level
…and more

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